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Monthly online opportunities for

female speakers to engage

with a new audience.


Why Speak for WBG?

General Questions & Answers

How long is the virtual speaking session? 20 minutes

How much time do I have for Q&A? 10 minutes

Is there compensation? In exchange for your donated time, we advertise your expertise within our membership community.

Do I need to be a member to present at your meetings? No, members do not present at our meetings. Members may present at a Lunch & Learn (30-45 minutes).

What type of speakers have you had in the past? Click here to learn about some of our previous speakers.

Are there any expectations for the speaking session? Yes–our members are curious to learn about niche topics pertaining to business growth, a snapshot into your company with any challenges that may have overcome as a woman in your industry, and useful takeaways that add value to women in business in general.

Can you help me tailor the message to your audience? We enjoy being part of your process. If you have an idea for a talk and would like further assistance defining your points or you have questions about expectations please contact us here.

Speakers Application

Sign up by completing the form below.

We appreciate your interest and will be in touch soon.

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